Creation Through Prayer

Creation Through Prayer

Tip for today:

Create your day spiritually in your morning prayer. Report back to God in the evening.

From David A. Bednar’s talk, “Pray Always”:

“We learn from [Moses 3:4-5] that the spiritual creation preceded the temporal creation. In a similar way, meaningful morning prayer is an important element in the spiritual creation of each day—and precedes the … actual execution of the day.

“At the end of our day, we kneel again and report back to our Father. We review the events of the day and express heartfelt thanks for the blessings and the help we received. We repent and, with the assistance of the Spirit of the Lord, identify ways we can do and become better tomorrow. Thus our evening prayer builds upon and is a continuation of our morning prayer.

“Morning and evening prayers—and all of the prayers in between—are not unrelated, discrete events; rather, they are linked together each day and across days, weeks, months, and even years. … Such meaningful prayers are instrumental in obtaining the highest blessings God holds in store for His faithful children.”

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