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Liz’s books are all about presenting gospel doctrine in a way that’s easy to digest, focusing on its real-life implications. If you’re looking for a spiritual pick-me-up, check out these books that have helped hundreds of people to better understand and live the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Holy Ghost from A to Z

It’s time to “unwrap” the gift of the Holy Ghost! Discover 26 ways the Spirit can bless your life.

The Holy Ghost from A to Z for Kids

This kid-friendly companion to The Holy Ghost from A to Z is a fun way to help children understand how the Spirit can work in their lives.

Ask, Seek, Find

A collection of 1,000 open-ended, thought-provoking questions to help you get the most out of your Book of Mormon study.

Meet the Author

Liz Kazandzhy (kah-zahn-JEE) graduated from BYU at the top of her class with a degree in Human Development. When people asked her what she would do with that degree, she always replied, “Develop humans, of course!” and she’s been doing that ever since. In her writing, parenting, and other pursuits, her ultimate goal is to help others develop into their best selves.

Professionally, Liz has worked as a book reviewer for Kirkus Media and as a top-rated freelance editor, specializing in nonfiction genres such as self-help and religion. But as much as she loves reviewing and editing books, her real passion is writing them. She also enjoyed hosting the podcast Latter-day Saint Book Nook and hopes to start a new one soon.

As for her personal life, Liz grew up in Fort Collins, CO, and served a mission in Kyiv, Ukraine. She plays several instruments, trained guide dogs for the blind for 10 years, and enjoys web development as a hobby. She and her husband Vlad currently live in Utah with their three daughters.

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In 2022, Liz hosted Latter-day Saint Book Nook, a cozy little podcast where she talked about books from a gospel perspective. If you love books, and you love the gospel of Jesus Christ, check out the archives to learn something new!

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Liz’s writing isn’t just limited to her books! Browse her blog to discover insights from her life that might help you in yours.

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