The Holy Ghost from A to Z

By Liz Kazandzhy

With 26 brief chapters—each based on a letter of the alphabet—The Holy Ghost from A to Z explores the many incredible facets of what the Spirit can do. Some blessings you may be familiar with, like His ability to warn, comfort, and testify. But did you know He can also improve your relationships, give you physical strength, and help you discover and fulfill your life mission?

A quick survey at the beginning of the book will point you to the sections most relevant to you, and each chapter’s application questions will help you make real and lasting changes in your life.

Truly, the Holy Ghost is an ideal traveling companion, and in this book, you’ll learn 26 reasons why. That’s 26 ways you can follow the invitation to “receive the Holy Ghost.”

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About the Book

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Table of Contents

Here’s what you can look forward to in The Holy Ghost from A to Z.

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The Holy Ghost from A to Z puts a new light on our understanding of the Comforter. Organized in a fun, beautiful way, Kazandzhy packs the book with words of Church leaders and prophets of all ages. Any reader will come away feeling the love of our Heavenly Father and will feel instilled with a new relationship with the Holy Ghost. With lifetime lessons of peace and hope, this is a read for all to enjoy.

Susan Easton Black

Retired Professor of Church History and Doctrine at Brigham Young University

Liz Kazandzhy’s The Holy Ghost from A to Z is a delightful and compelling read. I believe it will be very helpful to anyone who would like to increase the effectiveness of having the gift of the Holy Ghost in their lives.

David J. Ridges

Best-selling author of The Gospel Study Series

I loved this book! Liz Kazandzhy has truly taught the most important of doctrines, clearly supporting them with the scriptures and words of prophets. Though the book is focused on the Holy Ghost, it also consistently directs readers to the Savior, and it illuminates God’s character as loving and inviting rather than angry and vengeful. The chapters on forgiveness, peace, and having a humble heart are especially powerful. I look forward to using this book as I teach my Institute classes!

Andrew Horton

Institute Instructor at Utah Valley University

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Check out the children’s book!

After the release of The Holy Ghost from A to Z, many readers expressed their desire for a children’s version of the book, especially to help kids prepare for baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Inspired by this feedback, Liz decided to bring that idea to life, and The Holy Ghost from A to Z for Kids was published in September 2023.

It follows the same A–Z format, with the same topics, but this time each concept is condensed into a powerful, memorable stanza and accompanied by bright, eye-catching illustrations. Click below to learn more about this wonderful teaching tool and take a sneak peek at what’s inside.

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