The Holy Ghost from A to Z for Kids

By Liz Kazandzhy

In this kid-friendly companion to The Holy Ghost from A to Z: What the Spirit Can Do for You, teach your children about the most precious gift that Heavenly Father has blessed them with—the ultimate gift of His Holy Spirit!

With the Holy Ghost as your trusted companion and greatest friend, you’ll unlock a whole alphabet of blessings to guide you through this life with joy and comfort.

another word for lots.
Lots of love and joy and peace,
calm feelings and kind thoughts.

Z stands for ZEAL,
which means enthusiastic yearning
To fill your life with righteousness
and faith and gospel learning.

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The perfect baptism gift.

When you’re baptized,
God gives you a very special gift:
The Holy Ghost’s companionship
to comfort and uplift.
Let’s “open up” this gift together,
see what He can do,
And learn about the many blessings
He can give to you.

What better way to prepare a child for receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost than to teach them about the many blessings He offers? Whether it’s for your child, grandchild, or another precious child you know, this beautiful, inspiring book will surely bless their life.

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