Ask, Seek Find

By Liz Kazandzhy

Enrich your understanding of the Book of Mormon with this ultimate personal study companion!

Going verse by verse, Ask, Seek, Find contains 1,000 questions that inspire deeper reflections as you study the Book of Mormon. Rather than testing your knowledge of facts and doctrines, these open-ended, thought-provoking prompts will help you understand and apply the gospel of Jesus Christ to your personal experience. Become enlightened as you answer questions such as:

– When have you seen the “immediate goodness of God” recently in your life? (Mosiah 25:10)

– What opportunities do you have to choose light versus darkness? (Helaman 13:29)

– What difference does it make to know that we’re created in the image of God? (Ether 3:15–16)

Ideal for individual reflection, family scripture study, and Sunday school lessons, this timeless guide is the perfect companion to enrich your love for God’s teachings, ponder the gospel more frequently, and become more like the Savior. Transform your life by transforming your scripture study with the help of this timeless resource.

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Ask, Seek, Find has been endorsed by some of the most well-known Latter-day Saint authors. Check out what they had to say about it!

Liz Kazandzhy’s newest book is one of the best Latter-day Saint books for thought-provoking insights into individual verses of the Book of Mormon. Liz’s commentary is expansive and unique, giving us a new way to learn from and better apply the scriptures in our lives. It’s different than a doctrinal commentary; rather, it’s a formula to broaden your thinking and a tool to help you receive personal revelation. If you are looking for new ways to study and receive personal revelation, I encourage you to read and share this excellent book.

Richard Ostler

Best-selling author and podcast host, Listen, Learn & Love

In Ask, Seek, Find, Liz Kazandzhy has assembled the most comprehensive list of scripture-inspired questions I have ever seen. These questions inspire reflection on not just the scriptures themselves but on their relevance to our lives. Furthermore, these questions inspire action as well as deeper thought. I would recommend this study companion to anyone looking to enrich their study of the Book of Mormon.

Susan Easton Black

Retired Professor of Church History and Doctrine at Brigham Young University

These excellent, down-to-earth, thought-provoking questions—especially when used in conjunction with actual Book of Mormon study—will lead to much deeper understanding and application of the Book of Mormon in individual lives and open additional opportunities for the Holy Ghost to teach, direct, and inspire. In addition to individual study and family study, these questions will be an invaluable resource for teachers, helping them do a much better job of involving their students in meaningful discussions in their Book of Mormon classes.

David J. Ridges

Best-selling author of The Gospel Study Series

Study by Topic

In the back of Ask, Seek, Find, you’ll also discover a topical guide that can help you find questions related to a variety of topics.

Are you teaching a Sunday School lesson about trials?
Want your family to have a meaningful discussion about prayer?
Are you feeling bogged down by your weaknesses?

Then check out the sample questions below!


1 Nephi 4:1—Consider the trials you’re going through in your life right now and consider filling in the blank of this sentence with the trial you’re facing: “For behold [the Lord] is mightier than all the earth, than why not mightier than ______?” How will keeping the commandments allow the Lord to help you?

1 Nephi 20:10—What are some of the most difficult trials you have experienced in your life? How have each of these trials refined your character? What Christlike attributes did you acquire or develop as a result of those trying times?


1 Nephi 4:17—Nephi recognized this moment as an answer to his prayer. When was the last time you remember having a prayer answered, and how did God answer it?

Alma 37:37—What are some of the “doings” in your life right now that you can counsel with the Lord about, and how do you suppose He can “direct thee for good”? How do consistent and sincere morning and evening prayers lead us to eventually “be lifted up at the last day”?

Moroni 7:9—What can you do to pray with more “real intent of heart”? What gets in your way of doing this?


1 Nephi 19:6—How do you deal with your own weaknesses that cause you to err? How can you accept your mortal, imperfect self while still striving to be better?

Jacob 4:7—How is our relationship with God strengthened because of our weakness as mortals? What have your own weaknesses taught you about God’s grace?

Mosiah 26:30—What does the phrase “as often as my people repent” mean to you? How does this verse apply to overcoming weaknesses?

Transform your scripture study.
Transform your life.