Let There Be Light

I found this song the other day after not thinking about it for years. Unlike most of my songs, the words to this were written by someone else, and I just put them to music. But those words … there’s just something so powerful about them. Listening to this song, I remembered a very dark…
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A Place of Patient Waiting

This is a picture of my laundry room. Clean. Uncluttered. Pristine. … Not at all what it’s been like for the last several months. I think we all have that place in our home where we allow things to gather. Maybe it starts as a junk drawer in the kitchen, then escalates to an armchair…
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Seeking Diligently (1 Nephi 10:19)

Hi, friends! This year, I’m starting something new: posts in which I ask and answer gospel questions that go along with “Come, Follow Me” Book of Mormon curriculum. All these questions come from my book “Ask, Seek, Find: 1,000 Questions to Deepen Your Scripture Study,” which you can learn more about at (My hope…
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It Won’t Last Forever

I’m part of a neighborhood book club, and the last book we read was about motherhood. I happen to be the youngest one in the club, and I asked the other ladies—who are 10 to 20 years older than me—what advice they would give me at my stage of motherhood. The first one who answered…
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Where Are You Going?

When I was at the missionary training center in 2013, my district and I happened to run into Bishop Gérald Caussé of the Presiding Bishopric. Seeing the direction he was walking, and realizing it would coincide with our path, the eight of us sisters started to eagerly hope that we’d have a chance to talk…
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An Abundance Mindset

A couple of months ago, I learned about this thing called an “abundance mindset” (as opposed to a “scarcity mindset”). With a scarcity mindset, you’re constantly worrying that you don’t have enough—enough money, enough time, enough things accomplished during your day—and you constantly feel “behind” and stressed because of it. That’s what I’ve been feeling…
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Believe God

My 4-year-old daughter, Sophia, was asked to speak in the children’s meeting at church on Sunday. I asked her what she wanted to talk about, and she chose the story of Zacharias (see Luke 1). This is the little talk she came up with and proudly delivered by memory: “An angel told Zacharias that his…
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From the Manger to the Tomb

Who knew a child’s mistake could be so insightful? As part of our advent calendar, my husband and I read a verse from the Christmas story every evening to our three kids. After I read, I’ll often repeat the verse but leave out a few words so my kids can fill in the blanks. (It’s…
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Listen, Learn & Love Episode 576: Liz Kazandzhy, LDS Author

Listen as Liz Kazandzhy discusses her book The Holy Ghost from A to Z on the Listen, Learn & Love podcast. She shares several personal experiences—including working through depression, anxiety, and self-doubt—and talks about the Spirit’s ability to comfort us, reveal our life mission, and help us discern the truth.

Liz Kazandzhy Ep. 626 The Cultural Hall

Liz Kazandzhy was a guest on the podcast “The Cultural Hall,” where she talked about the war in Ukraine, how she met her Ukrainian husband, and what her book, The Holy Ghost from A to Z, is about. Give it a listen—it’s a very fun episode!