“A Prayer for You”

“A Prayer for You”

“On the palms of the Savior is your name an engraving, because YOU are worth hearing and healing and saving.”

Below is a poem I once wrote for a friend. It’s a message that I think we all need to be reminded of.

(Written for a female audience. Sorry, men!)

 “A Prayer for You”

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to Thee
With something on my mind. You see,
I have a friend, and I’m afraid
That something has made her sense of worth fade.

Now, I’m not sure what’s on her mind.
For all I know, she could be fine.
But just in case, Father please help me
To help her see all that You see.

My first instinct is to tell her that line,
“You’re a daughter of God,” that’s been used time after time.
And while it’s true, it doesn’t quite say
All that I need it to say.

You see, Heavenly Father, what I want her to know
Is that, because she’s Thy child, she has the potential to grow
Like the meager acorn into the mighty oak tree;
A mortal she is but a goddess she’ll be.

I want her to know that she’s beautiful
Because of who she is, not in spite of it all!
How can I help her to know she is loved
By me and by Thee and by legions above?

I just hope she remembers the eternal love of Christ,
The Redeemer of the world who gave up his own life
For her, yes for her, and had she been the only one,
The God of the whole universe still would have sent His Son

To come into the wicked world, be mocked and scourged and killed
So her sins could be forgiven and all her wounds be healed.
On the palms of the Savior is her name an engraving
Because she is worth hearing and healing and saving.

Oh Father, I know that Thou hast all power,
So I ask Thee today for one simple favor—
Give my friend Thy Spirit and let Him in His power state,
“Remember, the worth of thy soul is great.”

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